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Six Ways to Save Your Husband’s Life

In case you hadn’t noticed, men have a pretty lackadaisical attitude toward their health—an attitude that contributes to the fact that they’re 90 percent more likely than women to die of heart disease, 20 percent more likely to die of a stroke, and 40 percent more...

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Will Having More Sex Make You Happy?

Most of us would agree that a heathy sex life is an important component of any romantic relationship. So it seems perfectly logical to assume that there would be a positive correlation between the frequency of dancing between the sheets and one’s level of happiness...

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When It Comes to Stereotypes, Words Matter. A Lot.

A few days ago, I heard a young father telling his son—who was probably around 10 or 11—to “man up.” I started thinking about that phrase and wondered about all the gender stereotyping we do without even realizing it. Are expressions like “man up” harmless parts of or...

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Men and women express their emotions very differently, but too many mental health professionals don’t recognize the symptoms men and boys have. As a result, while more women are diagnosed with anxiety and depression, four times more men than women commit suicide. In this important free book, we discuss stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues as they are experienced by men and boys. This book could save your life—or that of a loved one.

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